Red Rock Rendezvous | Kanab Youth Football

The Red Rock Rendezvous will be in Hurricane on Saturday, August 22 and the first games will start Saturday, August 29.

Equipment Checkout will be Monday, August 10th at the OLD Middle School in the annex to the North/Left from 6:00-9:00 PM: Please find a way to be there.

Football practice can begin as early as Monday, August 3rd. Coaches will contact you with practice dates and times.

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Important note: If the player is under medical care or is on prescribed medication, a note from his/her physician is requred.

No Refunds. Equipment will be issued when the full registration payment is received and after the first week of practice. Players will not be allowed to participate in the Red Rock Youth Football Conference is payment is not paid in full. Fees include rental of game uniform, pads, and helmet. Uniforms and equipment are the property of Red Rock Youth Football Conference and must be returned by the end of the season. I agree to pay the cost of any lost equipment issued to my child or me by RRYFC.
Medication Authorization – Grant of Consent. I hereby certify that my child is in good health and may participate in all activities. In case of an emergency, I give my permission for my child to be given emergency treatment at any responsible accessible hospital.

Liability Waiver: As the parent (orlegal guardian) of the above named minor, I grant permission for the minor to participate in all activities of the sports program. I assume all risk and hazards incidental to such participation, including transportation to and from such activities, and do hereby release and waive all claims against Red Rock Youth Football Conference, Sponsors, volunteers, agents and other participants. Understand RRYFC does not carry accident insurance.

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